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Milkweed & Honey

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The Monarch Butterfly is Endangered

The Great Migration
The Great Migration
Nov 01, 2024, 9:00 AM
283 Vista S
Each year millions of Monarch butterflies fly thousands of miles to overwinter in Mexico. They converge with other Monarchs along the way and form “flyway's”. Come and see the great migration! Ticket valid throughout November. The farm will open from 9AM to 4PM daily. Tickets can be use all month.
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RED listed in 2022 as a result of significant habitat loss and chemical pesticides. If you lived in central Texas 20 years ago you may remember seeing the swarms of butterflies year after year.  Things have changed. 


Go back in time this November! 

What is a Waystation?

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A butterfly waystation, also known as a butterfly garden or butterfly habitat, is a designated area that has been intentionally cultivated to provide a suitable environment for butterflies and other pollinators to thrive. These waystations are typically made up of native plants that offer nectar, host plants for caterpillars, and shelter for butterflies at various stages of their life cycle.


We are the only full-year producer of antelope horns milkweed. This privately owned 10 acre farm is the largest waystation in Texas dedicated to the Monarch Butterfly. Please note that this organization will be responsible for next year's spike in migration numbers. To all of those midwestern states north of Texas that have already contributed so much I say thank you. 

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